Round Vent Cover Small Round Air Vent with adjustable Register Diffuser Stainless Steel Wall Cover for Kitchen Garage Floor Wall Ceiling Outdoor and Indoor Round Bathroom Vent Cover Exhaust

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TVE 4 Inch EAN 4054503000308
TVE 5 Inch EAN 4054503000315
TVE 6 Inch EAN 4054503046771
  • For installation in ventilation ducts for rooms with high humidity; Bathrooms, Kitchens, dressing rooms, saunas or offices and residential buildings as well as for toilet ventilation. The valve can be used both as a exhaust and as a intake valve.
  • The valve consists of brushed stainless steel (AISI304 / 2B) and has an adjustable, centrically arranged, rotatable plate which can adjust the airflow by turning it left or right, open/close.Stufenlose Einstellung des Volumenstroms
  • Mounting frames are included. The noise level of the vent valve is low. It has good airflow.
  • Easy adjustment of the air volume flow is possible, Brushed stainless steel, For high air flows, Home wall vents, Wide variety of industrial uses